Thursday, April 4, 2019

10% gross profit made within 5 business days on micro account activity test for new clients. Over 50% taken by broker for commission and swaps. Possibly 6 figure yearly income from 5 figure investment if there were no commission fees.

 The current trading report can be used to assess current market conditions for all participants. Notice in the profit column at the end, the gross profit before commission and swaps taken is $17.34 or over 10% in 5 trading days. This is an example of stellar micro account trading that is helpful in countries who have lower exchange rates. It also shows the overt gouging of clients by the broker who is taking nearly 50% of profit. Another reason why we need to start a brokerage. It affects the overall profitability and we deserve to be treated better.

Let's do a math problem to better illustrate what would have been made in terms of return on a larger account balance: The initial account balance deposited was $177.38, this was matched by broker credit to insure that the investor principal deposit is safe.  So, let's say the initial balance was multiplied by 100, this would give us an initial balance of $17,738.00. If this was our initial balance with the performance given, we would have made approx. %10 in 5 business days, or approx. $1,734.00. Now multiply by 5 for a month ($8670). Now multiply by 12 for the approx. annual return ($104,040.00). This would be the gross profit for the year and the net would be half of this total or even less depending on how the broker treats us throughout the year. Let's move towards a brokerage quickly. I don't like taking unnecessary chances.